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5:55 AM

10.5 mi


8:10 mi


109 lb
150 bpm
181 bpm


61 F
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Temp 61, DP 59. Since I'm racing on Monday, we kept this to 3200, 1600. I wanted to keep this a bit controlled, so as to rest up for Monday. I was pleasantly surprised that I ran faster than last week while working less hard. Of course, some of that could be the different weather. Split 12:24 and 5:54.

Beth and Brent led a group that included myself, Rachel, Brad, and Chris C. Good group. Beth and Brent paced the workout really well.

Breathing good despite humidity - Advair 250/50

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel and lemon GU.

After workout, did quick jog and then headed home to help B. take Topaz to the vet. After he dropped us off, I checked her in, and then did the Pershing loop home. Skipped the gym since I'm racing on Monday.