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7:41 AM

14 mi


7:32 mi


107 lb
155 bpm
173 bpm


53 F
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Starting temp 52, DP 50; ending temp 58, DP 50. Wind of 8 MPH from south (tailwind on way back). Pollen of 9.3.

From Roosevelt Island, ran down the Mount Vernon trail to Orinoco Park and then back.

First 4 miles averaged 8:49; next 4 miles averaged 7:38; last 6 miles averaged 6:37. Very surprised at the paces on this - felt very controlled and could have tacked on more miles at marathon effort. To be totally honest, the last few miles were probably slightly harder than true marathon effort. But only slightly.

So...either I'm having a breakthrough, or the Maurten Gel this morning plus the tailwind worked magic. Probably both.

[I was also better about keeping the moderate section under control - that helped].

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores GU and Maurten gel - I was ever so slightly nauseous after breakfast, but fine for the run. Took a Cola GU during the run, split between miles 7 and 11.

Breathing was mostly good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar. A slight bit of VCD at the very beginning of the run, and then I was fine.

Wore Under Armour longsleeve shirt, gloves, and a headband for a bit of heat acclimation.