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8:43 AM

16 mi


7:38 mi


107.3 lb
153 bpm
171 bpm


39 F
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Starting temp 41, DP 35; ending temp 48, DP 36. Wind was a bit gusty - I think I had a tailwind for the MP part.

Did 16 progressive, starting at Roosevelt Island and running out and back on the MV trail, with a loop to Buckeye Drive on the out part to make it 16.

Split the run as: first 5 miles averaging 8:50; next 5 averaging 7:32; last 6 averaging 6:43. The MP section was done on the MV trail from south of National Airport to Roosevelt.

Felt very sluggish at first, and then better as the run progressed. I'm not recovered fully from Richmond, which is not surprising. I wish in retrospect I had pulled back a bit more on the MP stuff - that was slightly harder than true MP effort. More like "second half of marathon effort." Oh well, I don't think I ran it so hard as to do any damage - just wasn't optimal training.

Wore longsleeve and tights, to practice wearing tights and GUs in case I ever want to wear tights for a marathon. That did NOT go well - my tights aren't snug enough to hold the GUs, and two of them fell down into my tights, forcing me to stop twice. Hopefully CIM won't be cold enough to necessitate tights.

Breathing was Advair and Qvar - was OK.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and salted watermelon GUs, and corn tortilla as a snack.