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5:50 AM

12.6 mi


7:29 mi


114 lb
165 bpm
184 bpm


39 F
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39 degrees. Tempo weather doesn't get better than this. Easy warm-up seems to work, if I do a lot more strides (6-7). Still struggled a bit the first mile before settling, but I guess I just need to go out slower. Felt really good at end.

Tempo was 4 miles in 25:40 - (6:28 pace, splits of 6:32/6:25/6:26/6:17), then 90 second break, then a mile in 6:11

I originally stopped at 4 miles because the group I was with stopped (was blocked from continuing anyway). Then I realized that Jillian was continuing, so I jumped in with her on the next lap, paced her for her remaining 1200, and added a final 400 just to complete the bonus mile.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym - squats (4x8 at 115, 135, 145, 150); good mornings (2x10 at 100) and single leg deadlifts (2x5 at 15 pounds).

Hamstrings and glutes a bit sore, but didn't bother me at all during workout. Not an OMG injury soreness, but just a "need some extra love and foam-rolling" soreness.

Used two puffs of inhaler at 5:50. Breathing slightly uncomfortable, but I stayed relaxed and kept it from being a real struggle. Stomach not happy with me during cool-down (probably because I chugged a bunch of heed right post tempo).