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5:50 AM

10.3 mi


7:53 mi


116 lb
170 bpm
189 bpm


64 F
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WL pool


Decent tempo in 100% humidity (dewpoint=temperature). Workout was 3 miles, quarter jog, 2 miles, quarter jog, 1 mile. Splits were:

Tempo 1: 20:31 (6:55/6:52/6:44) (6:53 pace)

Tempo 2: 13:34 (6:50/6:44) (6:47 pace) - missed mile split, so relying on Jessica's memory.

Tempo 3: 6:28

Tough one at end (because opened up too much in the final mile of first one), but very glad I did it. Being better about working with my teammates -- I found that running in the outside of the lane is a good way to stay with them if the pace isn't working for me.

Used inhaler before easy jog (2 puffs), and once more after strides. Took a shotblok after 3 mile rep. Humidity was oppressive, as is apparent from how high my HR got (and stayed). Slight threat of stomach and breathing issues, but I relaxed and it never worsened.