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5:45 AM

12 mi


8:41 mi


114 lb
155 bpm


67 F
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Temp and DP 67 (but a slight breeze that helped, and it was overcast). Interval workout was 1600, then 2x(800, 2x400). I also did 2x200m afterwards.

Worked on trying run these with more knee lift and more powerfully. Also tried to keep them relaxed until the last 2x400, where I tried for more speed. Of course, I ended up starting way at the back of the pack both times and playing catchup/running wide, so the times don't quite reflect the effort. A decent workout. For the 200s, tried to not to run all out, but rather just to focus on excellent form.

Splits were 5:54, 2:51, 82, 82, 2:50, 81, 80, 38, 38.

Followed up with injury prevention work at gym, including squats (2x6 at 135, 160; 1x2 at 175), single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 35) and KB swings (1x15 at 25). Made sure to get there early enough to do a real warm-up, and it helped.

One puff of Dulera in the morning.