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7:00 AM

18.2 mi


7:58 mi


114 lb
158 bpm


74 F
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Temp 74, DP 72 at start; temp 77, DP 73 at end. High pollen. Ran out from Fletchers on the towpath to Pierce Mill with big group, including Kelsey, Bill, Chris M, Jessicas C and R, Heather, and Andi (I may have forgotten some). Then Bill, Kelsey, Jessica C, and I continued up Rock Creek (Bill turning at mile 9), continuing on with the loop. Kelsey was only doing 16, so she stopped in Bethesda, while Jess and I continued out and back on the Capital Crescent to add two more miles. Then George picked us all up.

First 3 at 8:42; next 8.5 at 8:04; last 6.5 at 7:30 pace. Took two gels - Lemonade Rocktane at mile 7 and Root Beer GU at 14. I really like both. Three water breaks, at Pierce Mill, in Chevy Chase near Jones Mill road, and then on the Cap Crescent - I just kept draining my water bottle.

We never picked it up to MP, but that was always the plan - it was nasty, and really early in the cycle, so made sense to focus on getting the miles in.

One puff Foradil in the morning.