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7:02 AM

14.9 mi


7:20 mi


106.7 lb
163 bpm
177 bpm


68 F
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Starting temp 68, DP 62; ending temp 72, DP 63. Wind of 15 MPH from NE (mostly a crosswind); pollen of 2.1 (don't think that's quite accurate, since it wasn't raining yet).

Did one loop of Hains Point from Fletchers - ran with Alex, Jake, Carolyn, and some others for first 2 miles, then soloed the workout (did have a pack of CAR guys near me at times, since my marathon pace-ish is their moderate.

Wind was mostly a cooling cross wind, though I did have to work against the wind a bit on Hains Point early in the second set.

Split as:

first 3 in 20:07 (6:43/6:45/6:39 - 6:42 pace)

second 3 in 20:15 (6:49/6:40/6:46 - 6:45 pace)

last 3 in 20:07 (6:42/6:46/6:39 - 6:42 pace)

kept the recovery between each pretty active - 7:30-7:40 - to keep the MP section honest.

Everything felt good and controlled - I kept pulling back throughout to keep it relaxed. This was probably just slightly harder than true marathon effort in this weather, but I don't think I have to be quite as careful about the effort since I'm using this workout to build strength for a half. As long as I get a solid aerobic effort in without straining or digging, I'm doing what I need to do.

Breathing was decent and then good - two puffs of rescue, Advair 250/50, and Qvar. Felt like the Advair was still kicking in at the start of the run.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores, lemonade, and maurten gels, and a berry stroopwafel; sat well. Also took a blueberry roctane and half an expresso GU on the run.

Carried a water bottle, which I drained. Any longer, and I would have needed to refill it.

Wore my sunsleeves, which helped. Also wore my running cap because I was expecting rain that never hit - I wish I'd skipped the cap and worn sunglasses instead.

Tied my shoes a bit too tight - neuromas flaring by the end.