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5:54 AM

9.8 mi


8:07 mi


106.4 lb
149 bpm
176 bpm


36 F
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Temp 36, DP 34. Showed up for the track workout, but the track was too icy to run safely on. So I drove to Georgetown and did loops around the waterfront, using my Stryd footpod to track distance. The paces and distance it gave seemed reasonable - maybe not perfect, but better than GPS in that area.

Did 2x2 miles in 13:01 and 12:34 - each 2 mile set was 2.5 loops - the first started on the west point of the loop, the second on the east side. Felt very sluggish and stiff for the first set (possibly because I didn't do drills or strides) and then better for the second, which I pushed a bit. 3:30 jogging rest between the two.

Breathing was slightly tight at first, then good.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and maple bacon Gus, coconut stroopwafel, and also some cereal and chocolate/sunflower snacks (was really hungry). Sat decently.