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8:00 AM

20.3 mi


7:46 mi


115 lb
156 bpm
174 bpm


58 F
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Started at Temp 57, DP 45; ended at temp 71, DP 38. Did long run as progression: first 5 at 8:25, next 4.5 at 8:07, next 5 at 7:41 (tailwind), last 6 at 7:02 (headwind).

From Jack's, ran out to Pierce Mill and then back, turning at the towpath to cross into Georgetown and then take the Key Bridge over. Then took the MV trail down past the airport to the cross-walk, where I turned and picked it up to marathon pace effort. Took MV trail back up to 14th St bridge, and then took Ohio drive and Rock Creek back to Water Street and Jacks.

Did a brief water+bathroom at Pierce Mill, and then topped my water bottle off again in Georgetown (by Key Bridge - mile 10) and on Ohio drive (mile 17.5). Took two gels - one at mile 10, and then the other at about mile 16. Ran with Laura for first 9 miles, which was nice.

Decent wind from NW - I felt like a rock star running south on the MV trail. Then when I turned around and picked up to MP, I realized it was a tailwind, which was now a headwind. Ooops. Sucked, but got it done. Once I hit Water Street and was shielded from the wind and sun, I felt like a rock star again, and the effort that had been giving me 7:05-7:10 became ~6:50 pace. Funny how that works.

I hated stopping at Ohio drive to refill my water, but I had drained the bottle, and didn't want to dehydrate myself.

One puff foradil in AM for asthma.

Garmin missed signal at start under Whitehurst. Also gave screwy HR for a bit, due to asthma inhaler.