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7:07 AM

14 mi


8:02 mi


110 lb
150 bpm
175 bpm


71 F
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Starting temp 71, DP 63, ending temp 75. DP 61. Ran a progressive 14 out and back from Fletchers on the towpath. Hung with Tisha, Daryl, Joe, Emily, Susan, Jordan, and Stephen for the first 5, and then upped the pace to moderate, running with Emily. Soloed the last 5 at MP (Emily and I have different MPs).

Split as first 5 at 9:13, next 4 at 7:55, last 5 at 6:57. Happy with how the MP felt, especially since this was my longest long run in a while.

Took one gel (salted watermelon GU) at Mile 8, and also drained my water bottle. Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50. Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, Huckleberry Hammer gel and Strawberry GU, and Chocolate Stroopwafel, plus some hemp bites. Sat well.