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7:09 AM

20.9 mi


8:10 mi


110 lb
155 bpm
179 bpm


72 F
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Starting temp 72, DP 71, ending temp 79, DP 72. Pollen of 10.4.

Ran the loop - ran with Laurel, Tim, Elyse, Juan, and David for first 2/3rds before soloing the last third. First 7 at 9:12, next 6.5 at 8:02, last 7.5 at 7:17.

Breathing much much better, despite high pollen. Had to really work to stay hydrated, though - it was humid to begin with, and the Claridex is really dehydrating. Took an extra water stop in Bethesda to be careful.

Let my HR creep up a bit too high near the end, and also ran the last mile or two too fast. But still pretty happy with this run.

Second day on Claridex for allergies, plus Advair 250 and Qvar. No need for rescue inhaler.

Had Vanilla Bean GU pre-run, and then Strawberry Banana, Cucumber Mint, and half of a Strawberry-Kiwi rocktane.