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5:40 AM

13 mi


7:53 mi


110 lb
156 bpm
176 bpm


36 F
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Temp 36, DP 26, some wind. Nice weather for the workout.

Got pressured into doing the 25x400 despite my misgivings about doing it this cycle. Just wasn't worth arguing anymore. So I ended up just cruising it to avoid digging a hole- averaging closer to 10 miler pace for the 400s (started slow, and then the later ones were closer to 10K pace). Funny how much easier this workout is when you don't run the whole thing at 10K pace. Go figure. The overall effort felt much more like marathon effort than tempo.

First 4 or so 800s were especially slow, partially because I wanted to ease into the workout, and partially because the Advair hadn't kicked in fully yet. Breathing got a bit better after that, and I averaged around 95 seconds a lap afterwards. Kept the recoveries around 30 seconds (George told me after 20 to slow those down, so I did as well).

Worked with David for a while before he pulled back. Was running sort-of with Jamie for a while (he was running faster reps and slower recovery) and then I got confused when I failed to lap my watch correctly and ended up running a 300 rather than a 400. After that I was solo. Ended up correcting by running a 500 for the final rep.

Ended up running 39:36 for the 10k after correcting for the mistake. So, around 6:22 pace - slower than 10K pace, slightly faster than 10M pace.. A bit slow, but that was fine. I finished the workout without having to dig deep, so that was good. Averaged 30 seconds for the recovery jogs.

I don't feel like I accomplished much - I really wish I'd done the Tuesday workout instead this morning. But it's OK - better to do too little than too much.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Vanilla and Strawberry banana GUs, and coconut stroopwafel. Sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50, Qvar, and then 2 puffs of inhaler before workout. The workout started about 10 minutes early, which was an issue only because I hadn't taken my Advair early enough to for it to have kicked in (takes a bit over 2 hours). Took the inhaler before the workout, but it doesn't work quite as well as the Advair.