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6:24 AM

13.2 mi


8:09 mi


110 lb
156 bpm
171 bpm


59 F
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Starting temp 60, DP 52, ending temp 75, DP 51. Really nice weather, though maybe a bit warm at the end

Parked in Georgetown and ran down to Hains Point, where I did 2x4 miles at MP-ish (prescribed range of 6:45-7:00) with one mile easy in between. 2.5 mile warm-up, 1.5 mile cooldown.

First was 27:30 (6:53/6:54/6:51/6:52 - average pace of 6:53)

Second was 27:24 (6:55/6:50/6:49/6:50 - average pace of 6:51)

Took half a maple bacon GU between the two sets. Second set felt better than the first - possibly because of the boost from the GU. Workout felt very controlled and good - I could have done a third set if I had needed to.

Breathing good - just Advair 250/50. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel, and ginger GU. Stomach was off during warm-up, but I think that was due to something I ate yesterday, since it felt off when I woke this morning. Stomach was good for the workout.