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8:05 AM

16 mi


7:40 mi


108.8 lb
154 bpm
170 bpm


22 F
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Starting temp 22, DP 16; ending temp 29, DP 17.

From Fletchers, ran towards Hains Point, looping around Wash Monument before looping around Hains Point. Ran with Will, Sarah W, Juan, and new guy (whose name I can't remember) for first 4, and soloed the rest.

Felt OK - just a bit tired from a solid week of training. Made a point of keeping the last 6 to an effort that honestly felt like what I could sustain for a marathon right now - I've been a bit aggressive in the past few weeks, but I need to rein that in. Was happy to later see that was 6:55 - that's a good place to be right now. Legs were a bit tired at the end, which makes sense - this is my first 16 miler since the marathon, and I haven't done that many 14 milers.

Still go back and forth on whether I like the Skechers.

First 5 averaging 8:39; next 5 averaging 7:36; last 6 averaging 6:55.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and gingerade GUs. Took a Tutti-Frutti Rocktane during the run at mile 9.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50