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5:41 AM

9.8 mi


8:51 mi


104.6 lb
159 bpm
182 bpm


72 F
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Temp/DP 72; Pollen of 10.2 (Ragweed)

Showed up at the track and did 2x400, 3x800 in 96, 96, 3:23, 3:17, 3:17; recoveries of 75 seconds after the 400s; around 2:50 after the 800s.

Ran this carefully to protect my hamstring, but my aerobic fitness was also lacking. The workout was 2x400, 4x800, 2x400 but I shut it down when my right ankle got spasmy on the third 800 - I didn't want that to result in aggravating the hamstring.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and smores and salted caramel GUs - sat well.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar. I am aerobically limited, but it's not asthma. Some combination of lack of fitness and possible low ferritin? This feels like a ferritin issue.

Wore arm coolers