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7:01 AM

21 mi


8:13 mi


110 lb
153 bpm
184 bpm


76 F
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Starting temp 76, DP 75, ending temp 84, DP 76. Pollen of 8.9. Breathing really very good.

Did the loop, starting and ending at Wisconsin and Water Street in Georgetown. This went better than expected, despite the weather conditions. HR did get way too high at the end - I think that was the humidity/hydration catching up with me.

Split as: first 7 averaging 9:20, next 7 averaging 8:09, last 7 averaging 7:15.

Stopped briefly to refill water at Pierce Mill, Military Road, East-West highway, Bethesda, and Dalecarlia.

Tried to keep the water stops to 30 seconds or less each, though the one at Dalecarlia ended up being longer since there was a line for water. Also had a long pause at Connecticut Avenue due to traffic, and a shorter one at East-West highway.

Took three gels during: Root Beer, Lemonade Roctane, and Maple Bacon. All three sat well - Lemonade was extra salty, and really helped.

Chocalate Stroopwafel, hemp powder, brown rice and Vanilla Bean GU, plus some shotbloks (black cherry and margarita) sat very well. Also used Osmo and UCan the day before. Made a point of eating a lot of food yesterday, and it helped a lot.

Wore Adios Boost 2s - really liked how they felt in the last miles of the run. I'll wear them for the marathon.