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8:05 AM

16 mi


7:53 mi


111 lb
153 bpm
173 bpm


59 F
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Starting temp 59, DP 45. Supposedly only 60 when I ended, but felt warmer. Seemed like a slight headwind on the way back.

Ran out and back on the towpath from Fletchers, letting the Garmin autolap. Did first 5 with big group, including Emily, Jordan, Nina, Lilly, Gustavo, and some others. Then paired with Emily for next 5 before soloing last 6 (Emily was targeting 7:20s for her MP, while I'm targeting 7:05).

Split as first 5 at 9:02, next 5 at 7:46, last 6 at 7:03. Felt controlled, though I rolled too much at the end because I wanted to get done. One strawberry banana gu and carried a water bottle.

Breathing good (advair 250/50. Stomach a bit off - breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Lemon GU, and part of a berry stroopwafel. I don't think breakfast was the issue - my stomach's been off since yesterday.