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6:32 AM

11.8 mi


8:26 mi


107 lb
152 bpm
183 bpm


58 F
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Temp 58, DP 35. Pollen very high, but didn't notice. Xolair working very very well, so yay.

Workout was 2x(1600, 800). Split 5:55, 2:49, 5:51, 2:47. Worked with Alex, Jenn, Rachel, Catherine, Chris, Beth. Good group.

Ran this a bit too fast. Actually intentionally dropped off of the pack for the first 1600 when we came through in 4:25, but hung with them for rest (did hammer the last 800 intentionally).

Breathing slightly tight for first 1600, and then good. Still on Advair 250/50 and two puffs of QVAR 80 - hopefully that can get lowered since the Xolair is working so well.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Root Beer GU and berry Stroopwafel.