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5:52 AM

12.1 mi


8:39 mi


109.3 lb
145 bpm
176 bpm


34 F
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Temp 34 - drizzle turning to rain. Did 3x1600, working with/trailing David Kent and Maddie. Short recoveries made this a tough workout - probably because it targeted my weakest area - that range between 5-10K pace. But, good for me. Tried to run hard but not strain. Was planning to finish with a hard 800, but swapped to 2x200 after just to get the legs turning a bit.

Splits were 6:20, 6:14, 6:10 and then 41 and 42.

Didn't jog to gym and back because I started getting hypothermic on the cooldown. Wore tights and my Sugoi jacket, plus latex gloves under my mittens, and Vaseline on my legs. This worked well for the first hour, and then my legs and hands were soaked.

Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50.

Breakfast sat well - rice, hemp powder, smores and salted caramel GUs, and coconut stroopwafel.