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8:05 AM

17.2 mi


7:31 mi


105.6 lb
154 bpm
171 bpm


50 F
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Temp and DP 50, rain, wind of 15 mph from north.

Did 2x5 at MP with Jenn; Chris Carney also joined for first part.

First set was 33:32 (6:46/6:40/6:35/6:40/6:51 - 6:43 pace) (mostly tailwind)

Second set was 33:52 (6:45/6:51/6:40/6:50/6:46 - 6:47 pace) (mostly headwind, plus standing water)

Averaged 6:45 pace over the 10 - 67:24. I'm pretty happy with this one. While the last one was in really good conditions, this had some challenges between the wind and the standing water.

HR was lower on the second set, but I think that was due to running into the headwind while soaked - I got very chilled. Wore a longsleeve but it didn't do anything to keep me warm once it got soaked.

Carried water and took half a Chai Latte Rocktane between sets 1 and 2.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Smores and Birthday Cake Gus, and berry stroopwafel - sat well.

Breathing was advair and qvar - slightly tight on the first set, but I think that was VCD, not asthma - felt like I was too tight in my shoulders.