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8:34 AM

14.1 mi


8:06 mi


110.3 lb
149 bpm
166 bpm


39 F
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Temp and DP 39, strong wind from the NW (that did ease from time to time) - Garmin says 15 MPH sustained.

Took Glebe to Henderson to George Mason to pick up the W&OD eastbound. Took that to the end, then picked up 4 Mile Run and took that to the west, shifting back to the W&OD at Glencarlyn. Took W&OD up to Van Buren, then took Westmoreland to Lee back to the W&OD westbound, which I took to the Custis and home.

Ran the first 5 miles easy, and the next 9 at moderate effort Pace for moderate effort varied dramatically based on whether I was with or against the wind. First 5 at 8:46; next 9 at 7:44

Shoe kept loosening - had to retie them twice.