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7:55 AM

12.4 mi


8:18 mi


109.5 lb
154 bpm
181 bpm


74 F
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Temp 83, DP 73. Did 2x2 on Hains Point in 13:08 (6:38/6:30) and 13:23 (6:42/6:41).

Had a slight tailwind from the north, which was a headwind for the second repeat. But mostly, I'm just really out of shape. I could tell I was slower for the second repeat, but pushing any harder would have overstepped tempo effort.

I guess I could have split it into 3200, 1-2x1600. However, I think there was a lot more value in holding a solid effort for over 10 minutes than in shortening the reps to achieve a faster pace.

Not crazy about the sub-2s. They're just too soft. Great for hills - Adios 2 is much better for fast running.

Breathing was fine - Advair 250/50 and Qvar. Had rice, hemp powder, and chocolate mint GU for breakfast, plus some rice cereal. Had to take several bathroom breaks at the start of the workout - I think that's because of what I ate the day before. I really need to get more careful about what I eat the day before a workout.

Breakfast was