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6:00 AM

7.6 mi


8:24 mi


112 lb
163 bpm


77 F
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Temp 77, DP 75, with a bit of rain.

Showed up planning to do 2x1600 at tempo pace, but ended up just running the whole workout (2x1600, 2x800) at George's urging. I kept most of the workout very controlled, shooting for something between tempo and interval effort (I did let myself open up on the last one). Splits were 6:17, 6:09, 3:02, and 2:52.

Since I did a lot more hard running than I had planned on, I kept the cooldown very short. Followed with injury prevention work at Golds, including squats (3x6 at 135, 155, 165) and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 25).

One puff of Dulera in the morning.

Calfs and quads both slightly tight post workout.