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6:45 AM

11.5 mi


8:03 mi


114 lb
158 bpm
175 bpm


63 F
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Temp and DP 63 (very muggy on trail). Did a warm-up by running from Georgetown to Dupont, then up to U and 17th. Went back down past old home, and then took Rose Park back to M st to Water street. Once I hit the Cap Crescent, I did 2x2 miles at tempo with 5 minutes recovery. Did from mile marker 10 to 8 in 13:41 (split 6:54/6:47) and then from marker 8 to 10 in 13:20 (split 6:43/6:37). Then jogged around Georgetown to recover.

Injury wise, everything felt great. Just felt a bit sluggish, and like I couldn't quite hit gear. Maybe part the humidity and part the fact that I haven't done any workouts in forever (and also warmed up for 5 miles - oops). It'll come though.

Left leg stiffening up on cool-down.

Took one puff of Dulera in the morning. Followed with injury prevention work at Golds, including squats (3x6 at 155, 165, 170).