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6:09 AM

11 mi


9:08 mi


110.5 lb
152 bpm
183 bpm


80 F
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Temp 80, DP 75 for the hill part of the run.

From the pool, took the Custis down to the MV to TR bridge, then took NH to 24th to Pennsylvania to M, stopping at 29th and M.

Did some drills and strides, then did 8 hill strides up 30th, circling back down via M to 29th to Water. Started with moderate effort and picked up the effort some with each. These started at 69 seconds and then increased in pace, with the final at 60 seconds flat. ~2:30 recovery between each. These felt really good and not very hard.

Then took M to Key Bridge over to Wilson, which I took up to Golds Clarendon.

Warm-up was 5 miles very easy (9:20 pace)

Breathing was great - Advair 250/50

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and chocolate mint and toasted marshmallow GUs - sat well.

Sub-2s felt OK. Still don't love them as much as I wish I did - they need to be a little stiffer.