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7:07 AM

16 mi


8:03 mi


110 lb
151 bpm
174 bpm


74 F
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Starting temp and DP 74, ending temp 82 and DP 74, with substantial sunshine.

Did 16 progressive, out and back on the Capital Crescent to Silver Spring. Ran with Jamey, Lauren, Juan, Susan, Tisha, and others for first 5, then picked it up. Soloed the rest, though the pack of Jamie D., Jamey, Chris C, and David M. were close behind at times (I was splitting my run as 5/5/6, while they were doing 6/5/5 - hence why we didn't run together).

Split the run as first 5 at 9:35 pace, next 5 at 7:51 pace, last 6 at 6:55. Felt very good and in control. I really focused on water intake here, and it helped - I refilled my water bottle at Bethesda on the way out, and then bought a water bottle at the gas station on the way back. Took a maple bacon GU at mile 9.

Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, chocolate stroopwafel, and ginger and strawberry kiwi GUs - sat well. Breathing was good for the most past - slightly tight in the Bethesda tunnel - maybe a chemical there? On Advair 250/50.