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6:56 AM

18.3 mi


9:20 mi


108.2 lb
146 bpm
164 bpm


77 F
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Starting temp 77, DP 74; ending temp 87, DP 73. Wind of 5mph from south east.

Parked in Georgetown and took Rock Creek all the way to the MD line and back. Ran 60 minutes easy, and then did a fartlek of 1 minute on, 8 minutes easy, before finishing the run.

5 water stops for this run (which is probably why my heart rate stayed under control until the last 2 miles.

L/R balance was 47.8/52.2

Breakfast was rice, sunflower seed butter, and birthday cake GU - sat well.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing good.

Took 1 mg of Artane around 5:15 am. Gait off for first two miles, and then good.