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8:00 AM

16.5 mi


7:52 mi


113 lb
157 bpm
179 bpm


61 F
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Start at temp 61, DP 33; end at temp 64, DP 38. Went out with large group - including Jamey, Gustavo, Stephanie, Maria, and others; Stephanie kept me company for the rest of the run.

Ran this progressive, paced as 8:42 for first 5, next 6 averaged 7:54; last 5 averaging 6:55 (overshot Fletchers to get 5 in), and then jogged back.

Air was a bit tough, and I didn't take my Foradil, so puffed the inhaler a few times at Pierce Mill. Ran with a water bottle, and also took a 1/2 gel at 6.5, 9, and 12. That much GU was a bit too much for my stomach - I had some stomach distress at the end. Still a good run overall