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7:19 AM

15.1 mi


8:36 mi


109.5 lb
155 bpm
177 bpm


69 F
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Starting temp 68, DP 67; ending temp 72, DP 68. Wind of 6 MPH from north east.

Parked at Peirce Mill and first ran to Joyce Road and back to Broad Branch and then out to East-West Highway and back. Meadowbrook Lane in MD was a mess, so I ended up taking Beach Drive to the East-West sidewalk to Meadowbrook lane and back.

First 5 miles averaged 9:38; next 4.5 averaged 8:23; next 5 miles averaged 7:34

Gait felt better, though I got tired as the run went on.

L/R balance at 47.9/52.1

Breakfast was rice, sunflower butter, chocolate clif gel and vanilla GU -sat well. Took half an espresso GU at mile 9.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar - breathing good.

Took 1 mg of Artane at 5:00 am

Saw Joe K. and Chris M. after the run - was really good to see them and catch up.