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7:38 AM

21.3 mi


7:50 mi


114 lb
153 bpm
171 bpm


40 F
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Starting temp 40, DP 32, ending temp 47, DP 33.

Did the loop, starting and ending in Georgetown. Split as first 7 at 9:00 pace, next 7 at 7:38, last 7 at 6:54. 6:54 is definitely a bit faster than my goal MP, but the effort felt right, and my heart rate stayed in marathon effort range (actually at the bottom of the range for most of the run). Felt like I could have kept going for a few more miles, which is a good sign, I guess.

Run felt very good except for the first few miles when I was cold and lonely. Once I warmed up, everything felt good. Took 2.5 gels - blueberry-pomegranate roctane around mile 7, strawberry-banana around mile 14, and then 1/2 of a salted caramel with about 3 miles to go. Carried my water bottle with me, but only drained it once.

Wore tights and a long sleeve just to practice carrying gels in them, and to see how they'd work for a marathon. Wasn't too bad, but I think I definitely prefer shorts for anything in the upper 30s or higher. Had some difficulty taking my gels while running because my convertible gloves+handwarmers made stuff tricky. It was very hard to put the gloves back on while running - I need to wear different gloves for the marathon.

Breakfast was salted watermelon and strawberry banana gus, plus chocolate stroopwafel and brown rice with hemp powder. Carbloaded the day before and also had some UCAN the night before.

Breathing very good - Advair 100/50 and QVAR 80, no need for rescue inhaler.

Adios 3s were OK, but I think I still prefer the 2's, and will wear those for CIM. The 3 doesn't fit my foot quite as well.