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8:15 AM

6.8 mi


7:35 mi


114 lb
154 bpm
173 bpm


43 F
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Temp 43, DP 34 - just about perfect. Felt a bit slug like, but might just be very high pollen. Times didn't reflect the sluggish feeling, apparently.

Ran generally easy (7:47 pace) but with a ~mile pick up at 10K pace feel (ended up being 6:21 - slightly fast, but it was downhill). 2 puffs of inhaler before.

Ran from gym to Georgetown, then did drills and strides before heading up towpath. Turned at stairs, and then took Cap Crescent back, with a pick-up from mile marker 9.5 to the Key Bridge (ended up only being .9 of a mile, but I seriously doubt that matters). Then did 5 hill sprints (last at 12 seconds) before running back to gym.