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8:20 AM

4.5 mi


7:37 mi


117 lb
149 bpm


52 F
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Flat 4.5


Temp of 52 -- very nice for an easy run. Ran from home down U st to 9th, then down 9th to Mass and back up 14th to U, before down Florida to home. I am really confused as to why this was so fast -- certainly didn't feel it at the time (and low HR backs up the easy effort). Easy run pace is usually between 7:50-8:10, which is what this felt like.

I did hit many traffic lights, each requiring a break of 10-30 seconds (and doing quick pick-ups to beat others). Perhaps that made me run faster than I thought between breaks. The other option is that perhaps I forgot to start my Garmin at times, and it somehow still extrapolated the distance covered by closing the gaps, but didn't note the correct time.

I dunno. Weird.

Felt good.