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5:50 AM

10.8 mi


7:30 mi


113 lb
156 bpm
172 bpm


48 F
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Temp and DP 48. Did the 25x400, working with Shannon for the first 4 miles of it; trailing Thomas, Matt, Kenny, Romain. I felt lousy going into this, but it ended up not going badly. Splits were mostly 93-94 seconds, with a few slower ones where I lost focus. Towards the end, my legs were also getting a bit tired to hold pace - possibly remaining fatigue from my head cold? Averaged 1:34 per lap for the first 400, and averaged 30 seconds for the recovery jog. Ran the 10K in "39:09" (less the recoveries).

One puff Foradil in morning; took a Tropical Punch shot blok right before workout.

Didn't want to do too much mileage, so I did my cool-down in the pool instead to keep Karen company. Also skipped leg weights work.