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8:03 AM

16 mi


7:49 mi


109 lb
147 bpm
169 bpm


58 F
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Temp 58, DP 44. Fantastic weather.

Progressive 16, out and back from Fletchers towards Hains Point. Ran with Lisa and Phil for first 5, then soloed the rest. Took two bathroom breaks at 4.5 and 8. Also saw Kerry Latham after stop at Golf Center, which was neat, though it took me a minute to process. Took a ginger GU and half a maple bacon GU, all after mile 8. Stomach wasn't awful but could have been better. Too much protein powder for breakfast, I think.

Split as first 5 at 8:59, next 5 at 7:44; last 6 at 6:55. 6:55's felt controlled and HR was right where it should have been.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, chocolate mint GU, and coconut stroopwafel. Took advair 250/50 for breathing; breathing good.