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6:34 AM

15.5 mi


7:57 mi


108 lb
154 bpm
172 bpm


60 F
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Starting temp 59/DP 51; ending temp 62, DP 50. Bright sunshine, wind of 10 MPH from north. Pollen of 8.1

From home, picked up Custis at Quincy, and took it to W&OD out to Gallows Road and back down to the Bluemont Junction. Ran the first 14 progressive, split as first 4 miles averaging 9:12; next 4 averaging 7:51; next 6 averaging 6:55.

W&OD was not too crowded, so that that was fine - only had to step off the trail about 3 times (plus a stop when a car was backing out of a driveway and blocked the trail on Virginia Lane.. The detours on the W&OD were a real hassle, though.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder and smores and berry GUs - sat well.