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7:33 AM

17.1 mi


7:45 mi


108.3 lb
159 bpm
175 bpm


40 F
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Starting temp 40, DP 33; ending temp 46, DP 35. Slight wind from the south. Did the 4-3-2-1 workout with Sarah W - we'd split for the intervals, and regroup on the recovery.

Split as:

4 mile: 27:15 (6:50/6:48/6:50/6:47 - 6:49 pace);

3 mile: 20:22 (6:49/6:48/6:45 - 6:47 pace)

2 mile: 13:33 (6:48/6:45 - 6:47 pace)

1 mile: 6:45

Averaged 6:48 for 10 miles - 1:07:55.

Legs handled this surprisingly well - could have easily kept going. Usually the first one of these is a bit harder, legs-wise. HR very slightly high - possibly lingering effects of being sick last week; also could be that I deliberately overdressed (long sleeve, tights, gloves with handwarmers, and headband.

I was definitely a bit too warm towards the end, but that was the point of overdressing.

Breathing was OK - a bit tight after the 4, so I used the inhaler after; the rest of the workout was fine. Took rescue+Advair 250/50 + Qvar before.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, salted caramel and strawberry banana GUs, and chocolate stroopwafel before; Vanilla GU during the run - half after the 4, and half after the 3. Stomach was good. Carried a water bottle and sipped from it some during run, but didn't really need it.

My Styd foot pod wasn't working - I'm bummed about that.

Don't like the Adios 3s - they just feel slightly sloppy and mushy. Interestingly, my feet were a bit sore at the end, despite the fact that the Adios 3s are more cushioned than my other shoes.