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5:50 AM

9.9 mi


8:22 mi


115 lb
160 bpm
181 bpm


42 F
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Temp of 43, DP of 30 - very nice weather.

Kept this one very controlled -- point was not to improve fitness, but just to practice running relaxed while tired (and the legs are definitely a bit leaden) -- paces were totally inconsequential. Ended up running 1600, 1200, 800, 400, and 2x200 (6:12, 4:34, 2:54, 82, 37, 38) My second 200m actually felt better than the first, even though it was slower -- my legs just pooped out at the end. I think it will be very good thing for me to focus on some shorter stuff this summer, and teach my legs how to run really fast. I can do it - my legs just don't know how right now.

Legs were definitely a bit tired, but felt better by the 800. I'm glad I did this workout.

2 puffs of inhaler at 5:40.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym, including squats (4x8 at 105, 115, 135, 145), good mornings (2x10 at 95, 105) and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 25)