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8:06 AM

14 mi


7:24 mi


107.4 lb
158 bpm
174 bpm


36 F
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Starting temp 41, DP 24; ending temp 50, DP 26 (I think those are a little high). 6 MPH wind from SE; pollen of 9.8.

Did 14 progressive - first 4 miles averaged 8:34; next 4 averaged 7:16; last 6 averaged 6:42. Ran with big group that included the two Jakes, David M, Brent, Weston, Juan and probably some others that I am forgetting about. Group eventually dwindled down to myself and Brent, and then I picked it up to do my 6 MP-ish going home.

Felt good - ran off of feel, and was surprised at the splits, but the effort was right. You have to train at where you are that day, and I guess today was a good day. I'm guessing that this is because I a) got my standard big fitness boost from the half-marathon and b) wasn't all that tired, since I wasn't able to run the half all out.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and birthday cake Gus, coconut stroopwafel, and some cherry sports beans. Had a bout of mild nausea pre-run, but was totally fine for run.

Breathing was Advair 250/50 and Qvar. Despite the high pollen I had a very good breathing day.