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5:55 AM

11.4 mi


8:31 mi


109.7 lb
150 bpm
183 bpm


68 F
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Temp and DP 68, some wind, light rain at times.

Workout was announced as 4-5x1200. I'm still feeling the weekend's long run, so I decided to err on the side of recovery and backed off the pace. I ran with Dan, Sarah, Lisa, and others for the first three reps, letting them set the pace, with each rep being slightly faster. Hung with Jenn, Rachel, and Catherine for the fourth 1200. Was going to do a fifth, but George suggested doing an 800 and 400 instead, so I soloed those. Workout ended up being 4x1200 controlled, and then 800 and 400 at normal pace.

Split 4:40, 4:36, 4:36, 4:32 for the 1200s, and then 2:54 and 1:22. Felt very good by the end - the 800 and 400 felt smooth and easy. Funny when you end a workout feeling much more energized than you were when you started.

Breathing was good - advair 250/50

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel, and smores and ginger ale GUs. Breakfast sat well.