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7:08 AM

14 mi


7:54 mi


110 lb
153 bpm
178 bpm


72 F
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Starting temp 72, DP 63, ending temp 79, DP 64. Ran out and back from Fletchers to Pierce Mill. Ran with Tisha, Jamie, Maria, JC, Jordan, and many others on the way out; partnered with Jason for the way back (Mollie also ran with us).

Split the run as first 4 at 9:17 pace, next 5 at 7:44; last 5 at 7:01. Not the greatest run - I felt like I was working too hard during the MP segment. I backed off some, but still worked a bit harder than I would like. Most likely a combination of fatigue from the bump in mileage, running the middle segment too hard, and getting a bit dehydrated. Plus not running easy enough yesterday in the humidity.

My breathing also wasn't great, which was a bit frustrating. I debated using my inhaler at Pierce Mill but opted not to. Perhaps the run would have gone better if I had.

Took a cucumber mint GU around mile 8, also carried a handheld water bottle. Breakfast was hemp powder, rice, strawberry-Kiwi GU and chocolate stroopwafel. Breathing was Advair 250/50