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5:45 AM

10 mi


7:58 mi


116 lb
160 bpm
186 bpm


68 F
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Temp 68, DP 53, wind at 2-3 MPH. And pollen was supposedly VERY HIGH.

Workout was 800s, I did 6x800 (I don't think anyone did more than 6, due to heat) and then 4x200 (full recovery between each -- at least 2:00 minutes). Splits were 2:54, 2:53, 2:53, 2:51, 2:51, 2:48, and then 37, 38, 38, 37

I had issues breathing, and felt like I was really struggling at times. But I just worked on staying relaxed and focused, and totally ignoring splits. Pretty cool how consistent and fast the splits ended up being, given the heat (and that I was dropped on one of the middle ones, but it turned out the group just went out too fast). For the 200s, I shot for about 2:00 recovery between each 200 repeat, to make sure I ran each properly (focusing on relaxation and form, not speed).

Followed up with injury prevention work at gym, including squats (4x8 at 115, 135, 145, 150), good mornings (3x10 at 115) and single leg deadlifts (4x5 at 25).

2 puffs of inhaler at 6:00, 3 more at 6:15