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6:45 AM

8.5 mi


7:51 mi


113 lb
156 bpm


38 F
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Temp 38, DP 31. Windy, but great temps. Ran from Mint down Florida and then up Mass to Wisconsin. Took Wisconsin down to M st, then took Key bridge over to Mount Vernon Trail and Roosevelt bridge back into DC. Ten Rock Creek to Georgetown to Rose Park, and then Florida back up to Mint. Felt good, though left hammy and right calf both a bit tight. Allergies also getting me.

HRM flaking out utterly until last part of run. Too much static from my windbreaker. When it wasn't giving readings in the 180s, it was averaging mid-150s.

Did some drills afterwards - hammie felt a bit tight, so skipped strides.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym, including squats (4x8 at 125, 145, 155, 160).