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5:50 AM

8.4 mi


8:18 mi


113 lb
158 bpm
183 bpm


75 F
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Temp 74, DP 72. Most of the group did 3200, 1600 due to the heat - George and I agreed that I'd do 5K cautiously unless the heat got to me.

Worked with Greg pretty conservatively, though the heat did catch up a bit. I had planned on picking it up the third mile, but ended up just holding steady. Watch splits were 6:37/6:40/6:38/0:45 - 20:40, though I think I hit the watch too early on the first mile, throwing stuff off.

Pretty happy with this one - the times are slow in absolute terms, but given the weather, this was a good workout.

One puff foradil in AM; 3 puffs albuterol just before. I ended up needing another puff during the cooldown.