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5:45 AM

13.5 mi


8:59 mi


112 lb
148 bpm
181 bpm


74 F
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Temp 73, DP 65. First workout back on the track - 2-3x 1600, 800. Ended up doing 2x1600, 800, plus 4x200.

Sluggish at first - no turnover. Worked with or slightly ahead of Greg, John, and Taylor, with Dan, Elyse, and Kate ahead of us (ended up with Dan, Elyse, and Kate for the last).

Legs finally woke up on the second half of the 1600 (split as 3:10, 3:00) and the 800. Splits were 6:18, 3:00, 6:11, 2:52. 44, 41, 40, and 41 for the 200s.

Wanted to do 400s after; George wanted me to do 200s. We compromised with 200s at 400 pace.

One puff Foradil in the morning, and two puffs Albuterol right before.

Really need to get started earlier next time so I can do drills+strides. That's probably a lot of why I wasn't warmed up.