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7:00 AM

16 mi


8:16 mi


115 lb
166 bpm
185 bpm


74 F
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Sloggerific! (Started at temp of 74, dp of 72, ended at temp of 79, dp of 74). Played this one very careful.

16 miles at 8:16. Or you can see it as 3 miles at ~9:20 pace, followed by 13 miles at 8:00 pace (of that, the last two miles were ~7:40 pace).

Ran out to Pierce Mill and back (I stuck with Kate and Brandon for the most part -- both were kind enough to slow to stay with me). When we hit Fletchers, I stayed on the towpath to the "detour" while Brandon and Kate continued on the Capital Crescent (I HATE finishing downhill on the CCT - just too much injury risk).

A real slog, but the best run I could have done under the circumstances. Managed to get a hard effort in, including finishing strong (well, given the conditions), but didn't bury myself or push myself over the edge to heat exhaustion.

Took 3 shot bloks, and carried water bottle, which I used to continually dowse myself.

Finished with a few drills at towpath, and then injury prevention work at the gym (squats 3x8 at 95, 115, 125; 2x10 good mornings at 95)