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6:32 AM

18.4 mi


7:58 mi


108.1 lb
142 bpm
164 bpm


48 F
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Starting temp/DP 48, ending temp 51, DP 49; wind of 10 MPH from south; light rain at end of run.

Met Lauren at Roosevelt Island and ran down the MV trail to Alexandria and back, adding on a loop around Hains Point.

Split this progressive, with the first 6 miles averaging 8:57; the next 6 averaging 7:41; last 6 miles averaging either 7:04 (according to GPS) or 6:53 (according to footpod). Had Lauren for company the first 8, which was nice. Did shut down the marathon effort segment slightly early, as I did not want to run at marathon effort on the slippery boardwalk.

My Garmin decided to drop the ANT+ connection to both the HRM and the footpod at around mile 12, which meant that my Garmin has no good HR data (since the wrist-based HR data stinks) and bad pace data (since the GPS sucks) for the marathon pace section. I did manage to pull the data off of the footpod later for the marathon pace section, so yay. Consistent to form, the food pod is about 10 seconds per mile faster than the GPS. Since I know the GPS measures inaccurately, and since the foot pod is always very accurate on the track, I'm going with the footpod.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, Maurten and salted caramel GUs; sat well. Took an expresso GU at mile 11.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.

Stryd calibrated at 101.6

Wore ankle braces. L/R balance definitely skewed to right for the first 12 miles of the run.