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6:45 AM

11 mi


8:59 mi


121 lb
154 bpm
182 bpm


66 F
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At AU track.

Workout was 3 sets of a) 4 "in-n-outs" with 250m recovery, followed by two 400m repetitions with 400m recovery. Then did a final 4 in-n-outs. The quarters were 86, 86; 87,87; and 87,87. The first timed in-n-out was 28, the other 3 were 30 (but into a headwind, so I'm not too worried). For the 400m, I aimed to do the first 200m in ~44, and then open up -- I managed to do this, even though the first 200m was wind-assisted, and the second into the wind.

Dewpoint was purportedly only 60, but it felt more humid, and was misting at times. Still, much better weather!

(for a description of "in-n-outs", see: 50m ramp up, 50m very very hard, 50m float, and then 250 shuffle recovery,