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7:37 AM

17 mi


7:32 mi


108 lb
160 bpm
174 bpm


53 F
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Starting temp 53, DP 53; ending temp 54, DP 53. Wind of 6 MPH from NW.

Did 2x5 miles at marathon effort - mostly ran the workout solo; warmed up with Carolyn, Alex, Juan, and Lauren.

Split as:

Set 1: 33:42 (6:49/6:47/6:44/6:43/6:39 - 6:44 pace)

Set 2: 33:45 (6:42/6:48/6:49/6:45/6:41 - 6:45 pace)

1 mile float in 7:43 in between.

Happy with these, and where my fitness is going. These felt smooth, even, and rhythmical, and my legs didn't really feel tired until the cooldown jog.

The gate on the far side of Hains Point was closed, so I did this as an out and back so that I didn't have to run in the grass at MP twice (by turning back, I could do the grass part during the 1 mile float). This meant that my last mile of the second set would have finished under the Whitehurst, so I added a loop at the water front to avoid that.

I think the two slower miles in the second set were due to Garmin error from the bridge underpass and the weird turns near the Kennedy center.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, salted watermelon and smores GUs. Sat well. Took one expresso GU during the workout - half before the start of the 2 rep, and half in the middle of that rep. Carried water, but didn't need much.

Breathing was 2 puffs rescue, Advair 250/50, and Qvar in the morning; another puff of the rescue before we started the run. Breathing was really good.

Wore sportsbra and shorts, plus a light longsleeve for the first two miles.