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6:54 AM

10.1 mi


8:54 mi


107.2 lb
155 bpm
176 bpm


69 F
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Temp 69, DP 68, light misting rain, wind of 9 MPH from east.

Did 8 conservative Iwo Jima hills,focusing on relaxed shoulders and even push-off. Ran uphill to the one way sign. Downhill, I shortened the stride to just the end of the circle, since the pavement was a bit slick.

These felt good; hamstring started to get a bit nervy on the last one. Shoelaces kept getting loose, so I had to stop several times to fix.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and smores, salted watermelon, and gingerade gus - sat well.

Breathing was advair 250/50, Qvar, and two puffs of rescue before workout. Breathing good after rescue.

Right ankle was still spiral taped. Gait was very even.